Tips to be a video star

Manage your DVD collection

We all have our favourite collection of videos, but if we are looking for a way in which store or backup our expensive collection on a hard drive then we would do…


This is a free program that creates an exact copy of a DVD, which is then saved to your hard drive. And it is simple to use too. Insert your DVD into optical drive of your PC. Click on imgBurn, select “create image from a disc” and follow the on screen instruction. You can later burn the resulting ISO file on to writable DVD by using the “write image file to disk” option.

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Daemon tools lite

This program will help you play the ISO files you have created on your computer. It basically creates a virtual optical drive on your PC through which you can “mount” the ISO images stored on your PC to play them. Using Daemon tools is simple: once you have installed the program, it create a virtual disk that shows up alongside your hard drive or other optical drives. Depending on how many drives you have in your computer it will take the next free drive letter.

DVDFab Decrypter

The free version of the software strips DVDs and Blu-rays of copy protection and “rips”the movie to the hard drive. Ripping films with DVDFab Decrypter is easy and just take a few clicks. The ripped movies can then be converted into other formats such as MP4, FLV and 3GP to view on tablets or older televiosn sets by using programs like Any Video convertor


Use XBMC to organise the ripped movies. The free programs seeks out the movies on your PC, and then tags and sorts them into various genres by pulling this informations, including album art, from websites like IMDB