91. The branch of agriculture which deals with the feeding, shelter, health and breeding of the domestic animals is called ?
[A] Animal Husbandry
[B] Dairy Science
[C] Veterinary Science
[D] Poultry

Answer: A- Animal Husbandry

92. Root nodules are commonly found in ?
[A] leguminous plants
[B] parasitic plants
[C] epiphytic Plants
[D] aquatic plants

Answer: A- leguminous plants

93. The function of Trypsin is to ?
[A] Break down fats
[B] Break down proteins
[C] Synthesize proteins
[D] Break down Carbohydrates

Answer: B – Break down proteins

94. The disease caused by deficiency of protein in children is called
a. Pellagra
b. Marasmus
c. Beri-Beri
d. Rickets

Answer: Option B- Marasmus

95. Plants synthesis protein from
a. Starch
b. Sugar
c.Fatty acids
d. Amino acids

Answer: Option D- Amino acids

96. Human blood is a viscous fluid due to
a. Platelets in plasma
b. Proteins in blood
c. RBC and WBC in blood
d. Sodium in serum

Answer: Option B- Proteins in blood

97. Which of the following is a skin disease ?
a. Rickets
b. Osteomalacia
c. Anaemia
d. Pellagra

Answer: Option D- Pellagra

98. Healing of wounds is hastened by vitamin ?
a. C
b. A
c. E
d. D

Answer: Option A- A

99. The primary source of carbohydrates are ?
[A] marine animals
[B] crude oil
[C] plants
[D] coal-far

Answer: D – coal-far