Ancient History

1. “_____________is believed to mark the main site of Hastinapur, which was capital of Kauravas and Pandava, The imperial gazetteer of India quotes about which of the following places?
[A] Delhi
[B] Ghaziabad
[C] Meerut
[D] Faridabad

Answer: Meerut


2. “Revere all the Buddhas, revere the dharma, revere the sangha” Which among the following quotes this _________?
[A] Allahabad Pillar Inscription
[B] Asoka Edict XII
[C] Asoka Edict X
[D] Mathura Lion capital
Answer: Mathura Lion capital


3. World’s first oil paintings have been found in which of the following countries?
Answer : Afghanistan, Bamiyan caves


4. Begram in Afghanistan was a capital of which of the following kings?
[C]Chandragupta Maurya
Answer: Kanishka


5. At which among the following sites the where first evidence of cultivation of cotton has been found?
Answer : Nal

6. Vijayanagara is compared to the chola for
(A) Rural local self government
(B) Display of wealth
(C) Foreign conquests
(D) System of land revenue
Answer: Display of wealth

7. Babar won the battle of Panipat mainly because of
(A) His cavalry
(B) His military skills
(C) Tulughma system
(D) Afghans disunity
Answer: His military skills

8. The shahnama was written by
(A) Alberuni
(B) Firadausi
(C) Amir khusrao
(D) Abdul fazal
Answer: Firdausi

9. The spread of the Harappa civilisation is coterminous with the
(A) Irrigation facilities
(B) Soil fertility
(C) Wheat producing zone
(D) Availability of raw materials and minerals
Answer: Wheat producing zone

10. Chinese pilgrim Fahien visited in
(A) 4 th century
(B) 5 th century
(C) 3 th century
(D) 7 th century
Answer: 5th century

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