ANCIENT INDIAN HISTORY. CONTI: 41 to 50 (FOR I.B.P.S and Other Bank Competitive Exam, CAT, UPSC, CSAT, SSC, Defence Competitive Exams, UGC , L.I.C / G.I.C AO, Aptitude Test)

41. Kalidasa Malavikagnimitra is based on some events of reign of
A.) Chandragupta 2 B.) Pusyamitra sunga
C.) Chandragupta Maurya D.) Chalukya Vikramaditya

Answer: Pushyamitra Sunga

42. Who was the author of the book ‘Harshacharita’?
A.) Sudraka B.) Bhasa
C.) Banabhatta D.) King Harsha

Answer: Banabhatta

43. Who was the author of the book ‘Prithvirajacharit’?
A.) Kalhan B.) Rajashekar
C.) Chandbardai D.) Padmagupta

Answer: Chandbardai

44. The study of inscriptions called
A.) Numismatics B.) Epigraphy
C.) Palaeography D.) None

Answer: Epigraphy

45. …… believed that “The king was the ruler of all except Brahamanas”.
A.) Gautama B.) Manu
C.) Yajnavalkya D.) Apasthamba

Answer: Gauthama

46.The Allahabad pillar inscription enumerates the achievements of
A.) Ramagupta B.) Chandragupta1
C.) Samudragupta D.) Chandragupta2

Answer: Samudragupta

47. Veda means
A.) God B.) Worship
C.) Knowledge D.)None

Answer: Knowledge

48. Rig Veda is
A.) A Collection of songs B.) A Collection of hymns
C.) A Collection of spell D.) None

Answer: A collection of hymns

49. Which of the Vedas is the oldest?
A.) Sam Veda B.)Atharva Veda
C.) Yajur Veda D.) Rig Veda

Ans: Rig Veda

50. Which of the following literature are called Apaurusheya and Nitya
A.) The Puranas B.) The Brahmanas
C.) The Vedas D.) None

Answer: The Vedas

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