ANCIENT INDIAN HISTORY. CONTI: 51 to 60 (FOR I.B.P.S and Other Bank Competitive Exam, CAT, UPSC, CSAT, SSC, Defence Competitive Exams, UGC , L.I.C / G.I.C AO, Aptitude Test)

51. The rig Veda mentions
A.) The Himalayas and Aravalli mountains B.)The Himalayas and Vindhya mountains
C.) The Himalayas and Mujavant mountains D.) All the above

Answer: The Himalayas and Mujavant mountains

52. The battle of ten kings was fought on the bank of
A.) Satudri B.) Chenab
C.) Jhelum D.) Parushni

Answer: Parushni

53. The Rig Vedic Bharatas were settled in
A.) Saraswati valley B.) Indus valley
C.) Ravi valley D.) Yamuna valley

answer: Ravi Valley

54. Large temples have been carved out of rocks from outside like Kailasa temple of
A.) Dhar B.) Ellora
C.) Mamallapuram D.) Bhuvaneshwar

Answer: Ellora

55. ’Zend Avesta’ is the sacred book of
A.) Parsis B.) Buddhists
C.) Hindus D.) Muslims

Answer: Parsis

56. For his service king was paid
A.) Niska B.) Bhaga
C.) Bali D.) None

Answer: Bali

57. Which of the following assemblies was a more select body of the elders or nobles?
A.) Sabha B.) Samiti
C.) Vidatha D.) None

Answer: Sabha

58. The ruler and administrators were called
A.) Farmer B.) Vaisyas
C.) Kshatriyas D.) None

answer: Kshatriyas

59. During the rig Vedic period the general term ‘Ayas’ was used for
A.) Iron B.) Silver
C.) Copper D.) All of the above

Answer: Copper

60. Which of the following metals came to be known as Lohit ayas and Shyam ayas respectively?
A.) Copper and gold B.) Gold and iron
C.) Silver and gold D.) Copper and iron

Answer: Copper and Iron

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