81. The semi-precious stones may have been traded to various parts from
A.) Rajpipla B.) Ahar
C.) Chopani Manda D.) None

Answer: Rajpipla

82. The people in Chalcolithic cultures worshipped of
A.) Mother goddess B.) Bull
C.) Lingas D.) All the above

answer: All the above

83. A painting on a jar showing a deity surrounded by animals and birds has been found from
A.) Daimabad B.) Navdatoli
C.) Balathal D.) Gilund

Answer: Daimabad

84. The Jain tradition traces Jainism to a remote antiquity represented by a succession of
A.) Fourteen Tirthankaras B.) Twenty Tirthankaras
C.) Twenty-four Tirthankaras D.) Eight Tirthankaras

answer: Twenty four Tirthankaras

85. The first Tirthankara was
A.) Aristhanemia B.) Paravanath
C.) Rishabhnath D.) Vardhaman Mahavira

answer: Rishabhanath

86. The twenty-third Tirthankara, Parsva, was the son of Ikshvaku king, Asvasena of
A.) Kosala B.) Kasi
C.) Magadha D.) Videha

Answer: Kasi

87. Rigveda Samhita’s exact Shaka is
A.) Shakala B.) Saunaka
C.) Ashvalayan D.) Sankhayana

answer: Shakala

88.Who is the last Tirthankara (Jainism)?
A.) Paravanath B.) Adinath
C.) Rishabhanath D.) Vardhaman Mahavir

answer: Vardhaman Mahavir

89. Vardhamana left his home and became on ascetic at the age of
A.) Twenty –two B.) Twenty-five
C.) Eighteen D.) Thirty

Answer: Thirty

90. After attaining Kaivalya, Vardhamana came to be known as
A.) Mahavira B.) Jina
C.) Janai D.) Both a and b

Answer: Both A and B

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