ANCIENT INDIAN HISTORY. CONTI: 91 to 100 (FOR I.B.P.S and Other Bank Competitive Exam, CAT, UPSC, CSAT, SSC, Defence Competitive Exams, UGC , L.I.C / G.I.C AO, Aptitude Test)

91.Mahavira accepted four doctrines of Parsva and added a fifth one namely
A.) Criticism B.) Slavery
C.) Celibacy D.) All of the above

Answer: Celibacy

92. After enlightenment Buddha gave his first sermon at
A.) Raipur B.) Vaishali
C.) Pavapuri D.) Sarnath

Answer: Sarnath

93. Deer park is identified with
A.) Modern Patna B.) Modern Pavapuri
C.) Modern Sarnath D.) Modern Gorakhpur

Answer: Modern Sarnath

94. The women were also admitted in the Sangha, they were known as
A.) Rupajiva B.) Brahamvadini
C.) Bhikshunis D.) None of these

answer: Bhikshunis

95. Mahavira and Gautama Buddha derived their basic principles from
A.) The Bhagavad Gita B.) The Aranyakas
C.) The Upanishadas D.) The Ramayana

answer: The Upanishadas

96. According to the Mahavamsa Chandragupta Maurya belonged to
A.) Lichchhavis Kshatriya Clan B.) Moriyas Kshatriya Clan
C.) Mallas Kshatriya Clan D.) None

Answer: Moriyas Kshatriya Clan

97.Vajjis was confederation of
A.) Six Ganas B.) Four Ganas
C.) Eight Ganas D.) Five Ganas

Answer: Eight Ganas

98. The Vajjis were defeated and assimilated in the Magadha empire by
A.) Chandragupta Maurya B.) Ashoka
C.) Mahapadma nanda D.) Ajatasatru

Ans: Ajatasatru

99. Haryanka was the name of a new dynasty founded in Magadha by Bimbisara after overthrowing
A.) Chandradyot B.) Indrajeet
C.) Brihdrathas D.) Sisunaga

answer: Sisunga

100. The Shatapatha Brahmana is related to …
A.) Atharvaveda B.) Samaveda
C.) Yajurveda D.) Rigveda

answer: Yajurveda

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