There are many examples of people who go into a frenzy diet to lose weight and once they reach their goal, they slacken and let themselves go; thereby gaining back all the weight they lost, sometimes even more. Expert dietitians advise that if binge eating is bad, binge dieting is worse- because a starved body immediately begins strong every little extra food it gets, thereby making the person fatter than they were. Often there develops a pattern where a person gains and loses weight and this can harm your system and also hasten the formation of loose and wrinkled skin.

          Diets should not undertake just to lose weight advice experts. Dieticians and nutritionists reiterate and not eating is not a good way to lose weight, rather diet should be a way of life. One should gradually avoid eating things that are not good for their body type, instead of suddenly and drastically cutting down that particular food. Diets should always be followed, no matter what the weight of the person is.

          Another important factor that one should keep in mind is that some crash diets avoid a particular part of a balanced diet and so it speeds up weight loss. But a fluctuating diet causes lack of certain nutrients in the diet which can directly affect the person’s health in the long run.


  • Could lead to weight gain
  • May disturb the metabolic rate
  • Affects the fat storing system
  • Hormones are affected
  • May lead to irritability and anger
  • Could cause constipation
  • Affects skin and hair
  • Affects energy levels
  • Could add pressure on your kidney and liver

          Diets that are not consistent are more harmful than not dieting at all. A healthy mix of a good diet and exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight.

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