Vellithuruthi Thazhathu Karutha Patteri Raman Bhattathiripad (1896-1982), popularly known as V. T. Bhattathiripad or simply V. T., was an Indian social critic, well-known dramatist and a prominent freedom fighter who was a key figure in removing casteism and conservatism that existed in the Namboothiri community.


Bhattathiripad was born on March 26, 1896 to Thuppan Bhattathiripad and Sridevi Andarjanam in Kaippilly Mana at Mezhathur on the banks of river Nila in south Malabar. He belonged to the family of Agnihothri on his father’s side and had the lineage of Adi Sankara on his mother’s side. He encouraged widow marriage in the Brahmin society and tried to reform the conservative practices of the “Namboodiri community in particular and the society at large.”. He conducted the first mixed-race marriage in the Brahmin society. He is credited with starting the progressive theater movement of Kerala during which “the stage and performance became a highly conscious social activity in the hands of social reformers and political activists”. His drama Adukkalayil ninnum arangathekku was a turning point in this context:

The V. T. Bhattathiripad College in Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad district, is named after him.



  1. Who Propagated Mixed Caste Marriage in Brahmin Society?

Answer : V.T. Bhattathiripad


2.  Yogakshema Sabha was founded on?

Answer : 1908 (Aluva)


3. First President of Yogakshema Sabha?

Answer : Deshamangalathu Sankaran Namboothiripad


4. The mouthpiece of Yogakshema Sabha?

Answer : Mangalodhayam


5. The Slogan of Yogakshema Sabha?

Answer : Make Namboothiries into Human beings


6. Founder of Namboothiri Yuvajana Sangam (1919)?

Answer : V.T. Bhattathiripad


7. The mouthpiece of Namboothiri Yuvajana Sangam?

Answer : Unni Namboothiri


8. The drama “Adukkalayil Ninnum Arangathekku” was written by?

Answer : V.T. Bhattathiripad


9. The drama “Adukkalayil Ninnum Arangathekku” was first performed at?

Answer : Edakkunni (1929)


10. The leader of Yajana Yathra?

Answer : V.T. Bhattathiripad


11. Yajana Yathra was conducted on?

Answer : 26 April 1931


12. Yajana Yathra was conducted from?

Answer : Thrissur to Chandragiripuzha (Kasaragod)


13. Autobiography of V.T. Bhattathiripad?

Answer : Kannerum Kinavum


14. The winner of Kerala Sahithya Academy Award in 1972?

Answer : V.T. Bhattathiripad


15. Major Works of V.T. Bhattathiripad ?

Answer :

a. Kannerum Kinavum

b. Adukkalayil Ninnum Arangathekku

c. Rajani Rangam

d. Karmavipakam

e. Vedivettom

f. Karinchantha

g. Pozhinjapookal

h. Chakravalangal

i. Satyamennathu Ivida Manushyanakunnu


16. The V.T. Bhattathiripad College is situated in?

Answer : Sreekrishnapuram (Palakkad)