Kayyur is a village in Kasaragod district in the state of Kerala, India.Nearest city is Nileshwar.

In 1940, peasants there under the leadership of communists rose against the two local jenmis, Nambiar of Kalliat and the Nayanar of Karakkatt Edam. Several people were killed and four communist leaders were found guilty and hanged by the government,(Madathil Appu, Podavara Kunhambu Nair, Koithattil Chirukandan and Pallickal Abu Bakr)being the guilty. A fifth instigator (Choorikadan Krishnan Nair) was sentenced to life imprisonment and spared from the death penalty, since he was under the age of criminal liability.

Kayyur has developed a reputation for being a village of rebel over a period of history. The first communist rebellion happened in Kayyur and several revolts followed suit. Madathil Appu was hanged by the British in 1943. Kayyur is considered the cradle of agrarian revolution in Kerala. The people of this village has an anti feudal attitude.