1. The State Chief Information Commissioner or a State Information Commissioner shall be removed by
(a) Governor on the report of the Supreme Court
(b) President on the report of the Supreme Court
(c) Governor on the report of the High Court
(d) Parliament on the advice of the Supreme Court

Ans: (a) Governor on the report of the Supreme Court

2. Whose autobiographical account is ‘Joseph Anton’ ?
(a) Salman Rushdie
(b) Taslima Nasreen
(c) Vikram Seth
(d) Julian Assange

Ans: (a) Salman Rushdie

3. The venue of G-20 summit held in June 2013:
(a) Russia
(b) Brazil
(c) China
(d) Germany

Ans: Russia

4. Background colour or effects applied on a document is not visible in :
(a) Web layout view
(b) Print layout view
(c) Reading View
(d) Print Preview

Ans: Print Preview

5. Who among the following is not one of those who were elected as Member of Rajya Sabha from Kerala in 2012?
(a) P.J.Kurian
(b) Joy Abraham
(c) C.P.Narayanan
(d) C.N.Chandran

Ans: C.N.Chandran

6. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights was set up in
(a) 2007
(b) 2006
(c) 2005
(d) 2004

Ans: 2007

7. Eastern most point of India.
(a) Cape Comorin
(b) Kibithu
(c) Ghurmota
(d) Parson point

Ans: Kibithu

8. Part IX-B of the Indian Constitution deals with
(a) Municipalities
(b) Panchayati Raj
(c) Administrative Tribunals
(d) Co-operative Societies

Ans: Co-operative Societies

9. The first Internal Emergency was proclaimed by
(a) Dr. S. Radhakrishanan
(b) V.V. Giri
(c) Fakruddin Ali Ahmed
(d) B.D. Jetty

Ans: Fakruddin Ali Ahmed

10. Which of the following aims to create social and economic democracy in India?
(a) Fundamental Rights
(b) Fundamental duties
(c) Citizenship
(d) Directive Principles

Ans: Directive Principles

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