Five-Year Plans of India – 10th and 11th five year plan


Tenth Plan (2002–2007)


The main objectives of the Tenth Five-Year Plan were:

  • Attain 8% GDP growth per year
  • Reduction of poverty rate by 5% by 2007
  • Providing gainful and high-quality employment at least to the addition to the labor force
  • Reduction in gender gaps in literacy and wage rates by at least 50% by 2007
  • 20-point program was introduced
  • Target growth: 8.1% – growth achieved: 7.7%
  • The tenth plan was expected to follow a regional approach rather than sectoral approach to bring down regional inequalities
  • Expenditure of ₹43,825 crore (US$6.5 billion) for tenth five years

Out of total plan outlay, ₹921,291 crore (US$140 billion) (57.9%) was for central government and ₹691,009 crore (US$100 billion) (42.1%) was for states and union territories.

Eleventh Plan (2007–2012)


  • Rapid and inclusive growth.(Poverty reduction)
  • Emphasis on social sector and delivery of service therein.
  • Empowerment through education and skill development.
  • Reduction of gender inequality.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • To increase the growth rate in agriculture,industry and services to 4%,10% and 9% respectively.
  • Reduce Total Fertility Rate to 2.1
  • Provide clean drinking water for all by 2009.
  • Increase agriculture growth to 4%.

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