There are many gadgets that are available in the market for a luxury and a comfortable life. I would like to introduce some gadgets for your easy life.


Woking up at early mornings by listening to the screeching sound of alarm clocks makes us unhappy throughout the day. Now this has an end by a new alarm gadget that has infused in it essential aroma oils, pleasing colours and pleasant sounds of nature. And it is infused through ultrasonic vibration; the different features can be customized to the end user’s preferences. The gadget helps a great deal in enhancing the mood of the person who wakes up calmly after a good night sleep instead of the usual loud cranky alarm’s noise


I know, this is good news for all of us especially house wives. High-tech refrigerators keep a track of the food that is stored in it, adjust the temperature according to the outside humidity and temperature and the food stored. Additionally, it sends out alerts concerning when stored will expire. They also prepare a checklist on shopping to be done in terms of groceries and other kitchen requirements. Today many refrigerators also have in them entertainment options like mp3 player and a video screen embedded in them.


With the coming up of Ultra HD TV’s, the entertainment space is in a different horizon all together. Available in a various sizes and models and from different vendors, these provide four times the resolution that is offered by the current HD TV’s. The Ultra HD TV will provide excellent picture quality giving a more involving user experience. The Ultra HD TV has a lot of modifications differing from vendor to vendor with some providing backlit LED models and motorised sound bars that slide down the screen while watching the television, thus enriching user experience.


This would act as the perfect one itself by mixing drinks to exact specifications, delivering it to the person and keeping track of the exact alcoholic intake of the person. Automated bars are also temperature controlled according to the specification of the liquor to be stored. A special line box is included just for making the ice and storing the same.


For the security systems, it’s a must to have a video surveillance system at home with live streaming, an alarm system with both window and door sensors, smoke and broken glass sensors. At times of danger, the device can turn on and off the appliances remotely. The best deal about the high end security system is that it can be managed and monitored remotely as they run off a mobile connection and not using land lines. It also has a backup battery that enable this system to work even there is a power failure. This has also a provision of setting up notifications via email or to alternate mobile numbers to alert in case of an intruder attack.

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