1. Which agency of United Nations is behid the concept of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)?

Answer: Food and Agriculture organisation


2.  What is the name of the inland tax on the sale, or production of sale, of specific goods or a tax on good produced for sale within a country?

Answer: Excise Duty


3.  Moody’s, Standard & Poor (S&P), and Fitch are the world’s leading _____?

Answer: Credit Rating Agencies


4.  What is the name of the electronic messaging system to send unsolicited messages, especially advertising?

Answer: Spamming


5. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act is popularly known as ____?

Answer: The Vishaka Guidelines


6.  Which major English professional football club has the nickname of ‘the Gunners’?

Answer: Arsenal Football Club


7.  Which device is used in the automobiles to convert toxic pollutants in exhaust gas to less toxic pollutants?

Answer: Catalytic Convertor


8. What are Barnacle Bill, Big Joe, Block Island and Yogi?

Answer: Different rocks on Mars


9. Which Congress President of the British origin wrote the memoris ‘Indian & Home Memories’?

Answer: Henry Cotton


10. Where is India’s famous Coin Museum situated?

Answer: Nasik


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