1. Which is the famous award given to recognise outstanding contributions in the field of time transfer & dissemination?

Answer: II Rabi Award



2. Which was the first Indian Bank to open a branch at London?

Answer:  Bank Of India



3. Where is the headquarters of the BNP Paribas one of the largest banks in the world?

Answer:  Paris



4. Which Ministry organises the Republic Day parade at Delhi?

Answer:  Ministry Of Defence



5. Which Northern Indian classical musician received the honorific title of ‘Tansen’ from the Nizam of Hyderabad?

Answer:  Hazrat Inayat Khan



6. Who was the author of ‘Sangeet Bal Prakash’, a three volume work on Hindustani classical music?

Answer:  Vishnu Digambar Paluskar



7. Which African capital city has the nickname of The White Pearl of the Indian Ocean?

Answer:  Mogadishu (Somalia)



8. Which ruler of the 18th Century is known as ‘the Plato of the Jat people & the Jat Odysseus’?

Answer:  Maharaja Suraj Mal



9. Which former Indian Prime Minister’s work is ‘Economic Nightmare of India – Its Causes & Cure’?

Answer:  Chaudhary Charan Singh



10. Which city is known as ‘the Sports Capital of India’?

Answer: Meerut

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