51. The gas used in the manufacture of vanaspati from vegetable oil is

A. hydrogen
B. oxygen
C. nitrogen
D. carbon dioxide

Answer: Option A- hydrogen

52. The graphite rods in the nuclear reactor

A. react with U to release energy
B. produce neutrons
C. undergo combustion which triggers the nuclear fission
D. convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons

Answer: Option D- convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons

53. The hydronium ion is

A. H+
B. HO –
C. H2+
D. H3O+

Answer: Option D- H3O+

54. The most electropositive elements among the following is

A. Na
B. Ca
C. K
D. Cs

Aswer: D – Cs

55. Which of the following is produced during the formation of photochemical smog ?
a. Nitrogen Oxides
b. Hydrocarbons
c. Methane
d. Ozone

Answer: Option D- Ozone

56. The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is

A. ethylene
B. ethane
C. carbon dioxide
D. acetylene

Answer: Option A- ethylene

57. Zone refining is used for the purification of

A. Au
B. Ge
C. Ag
D. Cu

Answer: Option B- Ge

58. The molecule which has the highest percentage of ionic character among the following is

D. HBr

Answer: Option B- HF

59. Which of the following gas is used in cigarette lighters ?
a. Butane
b. Propane
c. Methane

Answer: Option A- Butane

60. The high reactivity of fluorine is due to

A. its high electro negativity
B. small size of fluorine atom
C. availability of d-orbitals
D. strong F – F bond

Answer: Option A- its high electro negativity

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