131. Lightning conductors are made up of _________.
a) Iron
b) Aluminium
c) Copper
d) Steel

Answer is: c) Copper

132.The I.C Chip used in a computer is made up of_______.
a) Silicon
b) Chromium
c) Gold
d) Lead

Answer is: a)Silicon

133. Nichrome wire is used in an electric heater because__________.
a) It has high resistance
b) It has high melting point
c) It can resist a current upto approx 5 amperes
d) For all of the above reasons

Answer is: d)For all of the above reasons

134. Intensity of sound has

A. an object existence
B. a subject existence
C. no existence
D. both subjective and objective existence

Answer: Option A- an object existence

135. We slip on a muddy road due to –
(a) gravitational force
(b) relative velocity
(c) excess of friction
(d) lack of friction

Answer: lack of friction

136. Rocket works on the principle of –
(a) Newton’s first law
(b) Newton’s second law
(c) Newton’s third law
(d) Archimedes principle

Answer: Newton’s third law

137. Angle of friction and angle of repose are –
(a) equal each other
(b) not equal each other
(c) proportional to each other
(d) None of these

answer: equal each other

138. A geostationary satellite –
(a) revolves about the polar axis
(b) moves faster than a near earth satellite
(c) sense of rotation is from west to east
(d) none of these

Answer: sense of rotation is from west to east

139. An athlete runs before long jump to get advantage of –
(a) inertia of motion
(b) frictional force
(c) moment of force
(d) principle of moment

answer: inertia of motion

140. When a running car stops suddenly, the passenger tends to lean forward because of –
(a) centrifugal force
(b) inertia of rest
(c) inertia of motion
(d) gravitational force

answer: inertia of motion

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