1. fit of the blues – Get into depression, to be in low spirits

2. Back out — to withdraw from a promise, contract.

Example: I felt grieved when he backed out of his promise to help me.

3. Back up — to support; to sustain
Example: He backed up his report with relevant statistics.

4. Bear upon — to be relevant to
Example: This argument does not bear upon the subject under discussion.

5. Blow up — to explode
Example: The mine blew up and all the labourers working inside were killed.
— to reprimand or scold
Example: If you continue to be negligent, the teacher will blow you up.

6. Break down — of a car; a piece of machinery; to go wrong so that it will not function
Example: The car broke down on our way to Mumbai.

— to collapse; to succumb to uncontrollable weeping
Example: She broke down completely on hearing the news of her husband’s death.

— to succumb to a nervous collapse through overwork or worry
Example: He worked so hard that his health broke down near the examination.

7. Break off — to end; to discontinue; to desist
Example: We had to break off our conversation when he arrived. She broke off in the middle of the story. She did not like his nature and broke off the engagement.

8. Break up — to disperse; to dissolve
Example : The college will break up for the Puja holidays on 25th October. The meeting will break up after the President has addressed the audience.

9. Bring up — to rear
Example: Those brought up in adversity are able to cope with life better.

10. Call forth — to provoke
Example: The minister’s views on the disinvestment policy of the government called forth a good deal of bitter criticism

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