Important facts about Buddhism- MCQ 3


  1. What does the term ‘Buddha’ mean?

Answer: Tathagat (one who possesses the truth).



2. Why is Gautam Buddha also known as Shakyamuni?

Answer. Because he belonged to Shakya clan.



3. Where did Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon?

Answer:  At deer park, Sarnath near Banaras.



4. What does the term “Dharma Chakra Pravartana “mean?

Answer:  Gautam Buddha’s first sermon at Sarnath, is known as Dharma Chakra Pravartana.



5. Who are “monks or Bhikshus”?

Answer:  The followers of Buddha who are engaged in spreading his messages are called “monks or Bhikshus”.



6. What is ‘Sangha’ in Buddhism?

Answer:  Gautam Buddha established the orders of monks called ‘Sangh’ to preach Buddhism.



7. When and where did Buddha die?

Answer:  483 BC at the age of eighty at Kushinagar in Gorakhpur



8. In which language did Buddha preach?

Answer:  Pali.



9. Which path has been advocated by Buddha to attain Nirvana?

Answer:  The eightfold path or Ashtangika Marga.



10. When did the Buddhism split up into two parts?

Answer:  During the reign of Kanishka Buddhism was divided in two parts-Hinayana and Mahayana.

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