Important facts about Buddhism- MCQ


  1. Who is known as Light of Asia ?

Answer: Gautama Buddha

2. When did Gautama Buddha born ?

Answer: BC 563


3. Where did Gautama Buddha born ?

Answer: Lumbini in Kapilavasthu

4. Gautama Buddha attained full enlightenment at _________ ?

Answer: Bodh Gaya

5. Where did the 1st Buddhist Council held ?

Answer: Rajgarh



6. Which river flows through Bodh Gaya ?

Answer: Niranjana River (Phalgu River)



7. The largest Buddhist temple in the world is located in-

Answer : Indonesia



8. Who was the personal physician of Gautam Buddha?

Answer: Jeevaka



9. The Buddha delivered his first sermon, known as ‘Turning of the wheel of law’ at?

Answer : Sarnath
10.  In Buddhism, what does Patimokkha stand for?
Answer : The rules of the Sangha

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