101. What is Laissez –faire?

a. Mixed Economy
b. Controlled Economy
c. Self Sustaining Economy
d. Non-interference of Government in Economic Affairs

Answer: (d) Non-interference of Government in Economic Affairs

102. Abbreviation SIDBI stands for:

a. Small Investment Development Bank of India
b. Small Industries Development Banking Institute
c. Small Industries Development Bank of India
d. Small Investment Development Banking Institute

Answer: (c) – Small Industries Development Bank of India

103. Fabian Socialism first emerged in:

a. Russia
c. Great Britain
d. India

Answer: (c)Great Britain

104. The One Rupee Currency Note has the signature of:

a. Governor, Reserve Bank of India
b. Finance Minister of India
c.President of India
d. Secretary, Ministry of Finance

Answer: (d) Secretary, Ministry of Finance

105. Who said “Where wealth accumulates, men decay”?

a. Mahatma Gandhi
b. Oliver Goldsmith
c. Lenin
d. Aristotle

Answer: (b)Oliver Goldsmith

106. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was established in which year?

a. 1947
b. 1951
c. 1982
d. 1991

Answer: (c)1982

107.National Housing Bank is wholly owned by:

b. RBI
d. LIC

Answer: (b) RBI

108. The major aim of currency devaluation is:

a. Encourage imports
b. Encourage exports
c. Discourage both imports and exports
d. Encourage both imports and exports

Answer: (b) Encourage exports

109. India adopted the Five Year plans from:

a. United Kingdom
b. United States
c. Germany
d. Soviet Union

Answer: (d)Soviet Union

110. First Five year plan based on model ?
a)Harrod domar
d)Robert Solow

Ans:A- Harrod domar

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