131. With reference to the climate of India, the western disturbances originate over which one of the following ?
(A) Arabian Sea
(B) Baltic Sea
(C) Caspian Sea
(D) Mediterranean Sea

Answer: Arabian Sea

132. In which one of the following states is the Nanga Parbat peak located ?
(A) Sikkim
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Jammu and Kashmir
(D) Uttarakhand

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

133. In India, which of the following are the Southernmost hills ?
(A) Anaimalai hills
(B) Cardamom hills
(C) Nilgiri hills
(D) Javacli hills

Answer: Cardamom hills

134. Where are the coal reserves of India largely concentrated ?
(A) Son valley
(B) Mahanadi valley
(C) Damodar valley
(D) Godavari valley

Answer: Damodar valley

135. Which of the following Indian island lies between India and Sri Lanka ?
(A) Elephanta
(B) Nicobar
(C) Rameshwaram
(D) Salsette

Answer: Rameshwaram

136. Which of the following factors are responsible for India’s failure to fully exploit the inland fisheries during the last five decades?

I. Silting and pollution of the inland water bodies
II. Deforestation in the catchment areas of the rivers
III. Lack of marketing facilities
IV. Select the correct answer from the codes given below
A. I, II and III
B. I and II
C. I and III
D. II and III

Answer: Option C -I and III

137. What is the total length of Indian Coastal Area ?

Answer: 6083 Km (7516.6 Km, including Andaman and lakshadeep)

138. What is the number of states having coastal area ?

Answer: 9

139. Which States has the largest coastline in India ?

Answer: Gujarat

140. Which is the second maritime state (second largest coastline) in India ?

Answer: Andhara pradesh

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