61. Corbett National Park is in

A. Bihar
B. Assam
C. Uttarakhand
D. Madhya Pradesh

Answer:C – Uttarakhand

62. Which of the following union territories of India has the highest density of population per sq km?

A. Pondicherry
B. Lakshadweep
C. Delhi
D. Chandigarh

Answer: Option C-Delhi

63. which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?

A. Kalpakkam
B. Narora
C. Rawat Bhata
D. Tarapore

Answer: Option A – Kalpakkam

64. Diamond mines in India are found in

A. Rajasthan
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Bihar
D. Maharashtra

Answer:B – Madhya Pradesh

65. The south-west monsoon contributes ____ of the total rain in India.

A. 86%
B. 50%
C. 22%
D. 100%

Answer: Option A – 86%

66. The tiger sanctuary in Tamil Nadu is located at

A. Guindy
B. Mudumalai
C. Kalakad(Tirunelveli)
D. Vedanthangal

Answer:C – Kalakad(Tirunelveli)

67. Yellow river is

A. Cauvery
B. Amazon
C. Hwang–Ho
D. Damodar

Answer:C -Hwang–Ho

68. Calcutta is situated on the banks of the river

A. Krishna
B. Hoogly
C. Ganges
D. Brahmaputra

Answer:B – Hoogly

69. The Shimla Convention is an agreement that sets

A. Shimla as a tourist spot
B. Shimla as the capital of Himachal Pradesh
C. boundary between India and Tibet
D. None of the above

Answer: Option C – boundary between India and Tibet

70. The longest river in the world is

A. Nile
B. Thames
C. Ganges
D. Missisipi

Answer:D – Missisipi

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