81. Who introduced the system of Local boards or Local Bodies in India?

A. Lord Lytton
B. Lord Ripon
C. Lord Curzon
D. Lord Mayo

Answer : B. Lord Ripon

82. The family of the Rig Vedic Aryans was

A. Matriarchal
B. Matrilineal
C. Patrilineal
D. Patriarchal

Answer : D. Patriarchal

83. The fourth Buddhist Council was held at

A. Rajagriha
B. Vaishali
C. Kundalavana
D. Patliputra

Answer : C. Kundalavana

84. The Widow Remarriage Act was passed by

A. Lord Wavell
B. Lord Canning
C. Lord Dalhousie
D. Lord Auckland

Answer : C. Lord Dalhousie

85. Adigranth is the religious book of

A. Parsis
B. Sikhs
C. Hindus
D. Buddhists

Answer : B. Sikhs

86. Which metal was first used by the Indus people?

A. Gold
B. Silver
C. Tin
D. Carlinean

Answer : B. Silver

87. The founder of the first Afghan rule in India was

A. Sikandar Lodi
B. Sher Shan Suri
C. Bahlul Lodi
D. Ibrahim Lodi

Answer : C. Bahlul Lodi

88.The first council of jainism to compile the canon was held at

A. Rajagriha
B. Pataliputra
C. Mithila
D. Valabhi

Answer : B. Pataliputra

89. Which of the following dynasties of early medieval India was justly famous for its system of village administration?

A. Pandyas
B. Rashtrakutas
C. Shakti
D. Cholas

Answer : D. Cholas

90. The spread of Jainism in Karnataka is attributed to

A. Kanishka
B. Ashoka
C. Narasimavarma Pallava
D. Chandragupta Maurya

Answer : D. Chandragupta Maurya

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