11. When was the ‘National Flag’ accepted by constituent assembly?
Ans: 22nd July, 1947.

12. Who was the first Indian to be elected in British Parliament?
Ans: Dada Bhai Naroji

13. Who was the Chairmen of Drafting Committee of Indian Constituent Assembly?
Ans: Dr. B. R. Amebedkar

14. When Indian constitution was adopted?
Ans: 26th January, 1950

15. How long time was taken by Constituent Assembly to draft the Constitution?
Ans: 2 Year, 11 month, 18 days

16. Who among the following can remove the governor of a state from office?
[A]Legislative Assembly
[D]Supreme Court

Answer: President

17. The Part VI of constitution of India is not applicable to __:
[A]Arunachal Pradesh
[B]Jammu & Kashmir

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

18. In which among the following cases, the Supreme Court of India propounded the theory of basic structure of the Constitution?
[A]Gopalan vs. State of Madras
[B]Golak Nath
[C]Keshvanand Bharati
[D]Minerva Mills

Answer: Keshvanand Bharati

19. The 52nd amendment to the constitution of India is most closely related to __:
[A]Extension of Reservations in Government Jobs
[B]Provision for special status to Tripura
[C]Provisions for increasing age of eligibility for voting
[D]Provisions against political defections

Answer: Provisions against political defections

20. Which among the following are the three types of services envisaged in the Constitution of India?
[A]Navy Service, Air force Service and Army Service
[B]Civil Service, Military Service and Paramilitary Service
[C]All-India services, Central services and State services
[D]First Grade Service, Second Grade Service and Third Grade Services

Answer: All-India services, Central services and State services

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