1. Megasthenes (Greek) (302-298 BC) :
  • Megasthenes was a famous Foreign Envoy and ambassador of Seleucus Nikator of Syria .
  • He visited the Chandragupta Maurya (Sandrokottos) court.
  • He wrote the great book Indica which explains the reign of Chandragupta Maurya.
  • He explained Social and administrative status at the time of Mauryas.
  • Megasthenes was the first foreign envoy who visited India.



2. Fa-Hien (China) (405-411 AD):


  • Fa-Hien is a Foreign Envoy  who visited India at the time of Chandragupta II, known as Vikramaditya.
  • He was a Chinese pilgrim. Fa-Hien was the first Chinese pilgrim to visit India.
  • Fa-Hien came to India to collect Buddhist texts and relics.
  • Fa-Hien visited Lumbini, the Buddha’s birth place.
  • He compiled his experiences in a travelogue “Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms”



3. Hiuen-Tsang (China) (630-645 AD):


  • Hiuen-Tsang is a Foreign Envoy  who visited India during the time of Harshavardhana.
  • He Reached India through Tashkent and Swat Valley
  • He wrote his experiences in his book Si-yu-ki or the ‘Records of Western World .


4. I-tsing (671-695 AD):


  • I-tsing was A Chinese traveler, I-tsing visited India in connection with Buddhism.


5. Al-Masudi (957 AD):
  • Al-Masudi was An Arab traveler, he explained about India in his book Muruj-ul-Zehab.


6. Al-beruni (Parsia) (1024-1030 AD):


  • Al-beruni is a Foreign Envoy  who visited India along with Ghazni at the time of his Indian raids.
  • Al-beruni is the first muslim scholar who studied Inida.
  • He travelled all over India .
  • He popularly known as Founder of Indology.
  • His famous book was ‘Tahqiq-i-Hind’ which explains about India.


7. Marco Polo (1292-1294 AD):


  • Marco Polo was a Foreign Envoy and Venetian traveler
    In 1294 A.D. he visited South India.
  • Marco Polo visited Rudramadevi’s Kakatiya dynasty.
  • He is very popular to travel through number of eastern countries.
  • He wrote his experiences in his book ‘The Book of Sir Marco Polo’.
  • This book explains the economic history of India.


8. Ibn Batuta (1333-1347 AD):


  • Ibn Batuta was A Morrish traveler, he wrote the book ‘Rehla’ (The Travelogue).

In his book he explained the dynasty of Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq and also the economical, social and geographical status of his time.

9. Shihabuddin al-Umari (1348 AD):


  • Shihabuddin al-Umari was A traveller from the country Damascus.
  • His book is Masalik albsar fi-mamalik al-amsar. He explained Indian History in it.


10. Nicolo Conti (1420-1421 AD):
  • Nicolo Conti was A Venetian tourist.
  • He visited India at the time of Devaraya I of Vijayanagar empire (Sangam dynasty).


11. Abdur Razzaq (1443-1444 AD):


  • Abdur Razzaq was aforeing envoyer
  • He was the Ambassador of Shahrukh of Timurid Dynasty
  • A Persian tourist. In India he stayed at the court of the Zamorin at Calicut.
  • He give a clear account of the Vijaynagar empire and his kingdom.
  • Ambassador of Shahrukh of Timurid Dynasty
  • Came during the rule of Devaraya II of Sangam dynasty of Vijayanagar empire.


12. Athanasius Nikitin (1470-1474 AD):


  • Athanasius Nikitin was a merchant from Russian.
  • He explained the living conditions of the Bahmani kingdom which is under Muhammad III (1463-82).

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