Committee/ Commission




Lord Ripon (1880-1884)

Hunter Commission 1882 William Hunter

To study the development in education.

Lord Curzon (1899-1905)

University Commission 1902 Thomas Raleigh To study the Universities and introduce reforms.
Lord Chelmsford (1916-1921) Calcutta University Commission 1917 Michael Sadler

To study the condition of University.

Lord Reading (1921-1926)

Indian Disbandment Committee 1923 Lord Inchcape

To discuss the Central Committee of Education

Lord Wavell (1943-1947)

Sargeant Plan 1944 John Sargeant

To raise the standard Education like Britain.

Famine Commissions

Lord Lytton (1876-1880)

Famine Commission 1880 Richard Strachey To give relief famine stricken.

Lord Elgin (1894-1899)

Famine Commission

1897 James Lyall

To give suggestion earlier reports

Lord Curzon (1899-1905) Famine Commission 1900 Anthony McDonnell

To give the suggestion on famine report

Lord Wavell (1943-1947)

Famine Inspection Commission 1943-44 John Woodhood

To investigate in events of Bengal Famine.

Economic Committee/Commissions

Lord Lansdown (1888-1894)

Harshell Committee 1893 Hershell

To give suggestion regarding currency.

Lord Lansdown (1888-1894)

Opium Commission 1893 —-

To investigate about the effect of opium on health.

Lord Elgin (1894-1899)

Henry Fowler Commission 1898 H. Fowler

To give suggestions on currency.

Lord Curzon (1899-1905)

Irrigation Commission 1901 Sir Wolvin Scott Monkinj

To plan for the expenditure on Irrigation

Lord Hardinge (1910-1916)

Maclagon Committee 1914-15 Maclagon

To advise for cooperative finances

Lord Irwin (1926-1931)

Linlithgow Commission 1928 – – – –

To study the problem in agriculture. (Report by Linlithgow)

Lord Irwin (1926-1931)

Whitelay Commission 1929 J.H. Whitelay

To study the condition of labor in Industries and gardens.

Lord Wellingdon (1931-1936)

Indian Measurement Committee 1935 Lary Hamand

To arrange for inclusion of labor in Federal Assembly.

Lord Linlithgow (1936-1943)

National Planning Committee 1938 Jawaharlal Nehru

To prepare economic plan.

Administrative Committees/Commissions

Lord Dufferin (1884

Atkinson Commission 1886 Charles Atkinson To involve more Indians in Civil Service
Lord Curzon (1899 Fraser Commission 1902 Fraser

To investigate the working of police

Lord Hardinge (1910

Royal Commission on Civil Service 1912 Lord Islington To give 25% high posts to Indian
Lord Reading (1921 Royal Commission 1924 Lord Lee

To remove defects of Civil Service

Lord Reading (1921

Sandhurst Committee 1926 Andrew Skeen To suggest Indianization of Indian army
Lord Irwin (1926 Butler Committee 1927 Harcourt Butler To Examine nature of crown relation with native States

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