Name of the Reforms/ Acts


During the term of 


Prohibition of Sati & Female infanticide

1829 Lord William Bentick

Supported by Raja Rammohan Roy.

Doctrine of Lapse

1848 Lord Dalhousie

Adoption of sons by rulers in the absence of their natural heirs was banned.

Indian Council Act

1861 Lord Canning

Envisaged association of Indians with the administration at higher level.

llbert Bill

1883 Lord Ripon

To bring Indian and European magistracy on equal footing.

Indian Council Act

1892 Lord Lansdown

Membership of central legislative council was enlarged.

Morely-Minto Reforms

1909 Lord Minto II

Separate electorates to widen the gulf between Hindus & Muslims.


1919 L. Chelmsford

Meaning dual system of Govt.

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

1919 L. Chelmsford

Massacre at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar by General Dyer

Rowlatt Act

1919 L. Chelmsford

Extraordinary powers were given to suppress the freedom struggle with General Dyer as the Commandant.

Simon commission

1928 Lord Irwin

To report working of the reforms; recommended diarchy in provinces; India to be constituted as a federation and Indianization of armed forces.

Gandhi-Irwin Pact

1931 Lord Irwin Congress called off the agitation and agreed to participate in the Second Round Table Conference.
Communal Award 1932 Lord Willingdon

Envisaged communal representation for depressed classes besides Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

Separate electorates

1932 Lord Willingdon (See Communal Award)

Government of India Act

1935 Lord Willingdon

Provided for a federal type of constitution.

Cripps Mission 1942 Lord Linlithgow

Proposed Dominion status for India after the Second World War.

INA Trial

1945 Lord Wavell

INA prisoners of war were trialed at Red Fort, Delhi and Bhulabhai Desai defended them.

Wavell Plan

1945 Lord Wavell

Envisaged constitution of executive council in such a way as to give representation to all major communities in India.

Cabinet Mission Plan

1946 Lord Wavell

Envisaged establishment of Constituent Assembly to frame the Constitution.

Mountbatten Plan

1947 L. Mountbatten

Partition Plan

Indian independence Act

1947 L. Mountbatten

India partitioned and attained independence.

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