Medical Solutions for Hair Loss


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Medical Solutions for Hair Loss


Medical Solutions for Hair Loss



Medical Solutions for Hair Loss by Marty Copeland

Using both Finasteride and a topical solution like Minoxidil is the best way to completely protect your hair from further loss and promote new hair growth.

The first important step is to identify the cause of your male baldness by visiting a Hair Clinic- is it genetic, hormonal or stress-related? Identifying the route of the problem reduces the risk of side-effects from applying the \”wrong\” treatment:

1. DHT Inhibitor: The inhibitor works by reducing DHT (DiHydroTestosterone), the \’killer\’ hormone that shrinks your hair-follicles, There is only one effective DHT inhibitor; the Finasteride tablet (commercially known as Propecia) which is available on prescription only.

2. Growth Stimulants: While they promote new hair growth, they do nothing to stop the cause, or further progression. Using a growth stimulant alone can be an uphill battle. These are Topical Solutions that you massage into your scalp, like Minoxidil (commercially known as Regaine), Kaminomoto, Revivogen, etc.

3. Antiandrogens: Unlike the Finasteride DHT inhibitor which eliminates DHT, the antiandrogens block DHT from reaching the follicle and damaging it. These are Topical Solutions that you massage into your scalp, like the Spiraonalactone Lotion

Exercise is also important to improve nutrient absorption, combat stress and encourage blood circulation. To have healthy, strong hair, it is very important to eat food rich in certain vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of oatmeal, eggs, nuts and low fat dairy products also helps strengthen hair.

Adding a good portion of fruits and vegetables to your meals will surely help improving your hairs\’ health. Poor nutrition can cause hair loss because the body will ration out the use of its nutrients, starting from the vital organs first and leaving hair last. Improved nutrition will not result in new hair growth, but will support other treatments that encourage regrowth.

Finally, when drying your Hair, do not wrap them up in a towel and leave them to dry this way; towel dry them immediately instead. Do not comb your hair while they are wet – this causes maximum breakage. Moreover, cover your hair whenever you go out in extremely dusty, polluted surroundings. If you have to use styling products, make sure that you place them away from the routes.

When the medical solutions cannot help anymore, the only option left is to have a Hair Transplant. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the latest least painful and least invasive method in the market today. It was the transplant of choice for actor James Nesbitt and footballer Wayne Rooney. The number of men seeking treatment for hair loss in the UK has recently tripled.

The procedure is championed by the FUE Hair Clinics©, one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Harley street today. Most patients head back to work the day following the procedure and back to sporting activities in 7 days.

If you need more information on hair loss and hair transplant , your FUE Hair Clinics© consultant will advise for the right solution and next steps. FUE Hair Clinics© is a hair loss site you can rely on!
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