MEDIEVAL INDIAN HISTORY- 11 TO 20 (FOR I.B.P.S and Other Bank Competitive Exam, CAT, UPSC, CSAT, SSC, Defence Competitive Exams, UGC , L.I.C / G.I.C AO, Aptitude Test)

11. Which was the single biggest item imported to the Vijayanagar empire?
A.)Precious stones
B.) Horses
C.) Luxury goods
D.) Raw Silk

Answer: Horses

12. Who was the ruler of kanauj in the initial years of 8th century A.D
A.) Yashodharman
B.) Yasovarman
C.) Yasovardhan
D.) Yashpala

Answer: Yasovarman

13. Minakshi was the leading goddess of the
A.) Pandyas
B.) Cholas
C.) Rashtrakutas
D.) Chalukyas

Answer: Pandyas

14. Who was the French explorer, who visited court of Emperor Shah Jahan and left a detailed account of Takht-i-Taus (Peacock throne)?
A.) Jean-Baptiste Tavernier
B.) Geronimo Verroneo
C.) Pierre-Jean Grosley
D.) Jean-Paul Dubois

Answer: Jean-Baptiste Tavernier

15. What was the unit of measurement of land in Maratha dominions?
A.) Kathi
B.) Jarib
C.) Daftari bigha
D.) Tanab


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