MEDIEVAL INDIAN HISTORY- 31 TO 40 (FOR I.B.P.S and Other Bank Competitive Exam, CAT, UPSC, CSAT, SSC, Defence Competitive Exams, UGC , L.I.C / G.I.C AO, Aptitude Test)

31. Kulottunga’s grants at Negapattam was for the
A.) Saiva
B.) Saiva
C.) Buddhist
D.) Vaishnava

Answer: Buddhist

32. ……….. was a new department of agriculture started by Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq.
A.) Diwan-i-Risalat
B.) Diwan-i-Ashraf
C.) Diwan-i-Kohi
D.) Diwan-i-Mustkharaz

Answer: Diwan-i-Kohi

33. Who was first initiated disciple of Akbar’s Din-i-Ilahi?
A.) Man Singh
B.) Surjan Rai
C.) Bhagwan Das
D.) Birbal

Answer: Birbal

34. When the Vijayanagar Empire was founded, who was the Sultan at Delhi?
A.)Firoz Tughlaq
B.) Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq
C.) Sikandar Lodi
D.) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

Answer: Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

35. Who reorganized the Diwani-i-arz (military department)?
A.) Razia
B.) Iltutmish
C.) Balban
D.) Alauddin khalji

Answer: Balban

36. Against whom did Balban adopt Adopt a policy of “blood and iron”?
A.) Mongols
B.) Senas
C.) Rajput Zamindars and Mewatis
D.) Tughril

Answer: Rajput Zamindars and Mewatis

37. …….., a place in Karnataka, is the present location of capital of Vijayanagar Empire.
A.) Kottigehara
B.) Thokur
C.) Hampi
D.) Kulyadi

Answer: Hampi

38. Who gave the idea of that the state could not be a truly Islamic state?
B.) Razia
D.) Jalaluddin khilji

Answer: Jalaluddin khilji

39. Who was the famous poet who accompanied Alauddin in the Ranthambhor campaign?
A.) Barani
B.) Isami
C.) Ibn-batuta
D.) Amir Khusrau

Answer: Amir Khusrau

40. Malik Kafur was made ……… for his Deccan Expeditions.
A.) Wazir
B.) Malik-Naib
C.) Wakil
D.) Diwan-i-arz

Answer: Malik-Naib

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