MEDIEVAL INDIAN HISTORY -91 TO 100 (FOR I.B.P.S and Other Bank Competitive Exam, CAT, UPSC, CSAT, SSC, Defence Competitive Exams, UGC , L.I.C / G.I.C AO, Aptitude Test)

91. “The great province of Ma’bar, is best of all the Indies and is on the (Indian) mainland.” foreign traveller remarked it?
A.) Marco Polo
B.) Al-Masudi
C.) Ibn Battuta
D.) Sulaiman

Answer: Marco Polo

92. Which dynasty claimed itself as Brahma-Kshatriyas and claimed descent from the kings of Dakshinapatha?
C.) Vardhanas
D.) Palas

Answer: Senas

93. “The princes of the house of Bahamani maintained their superiority by valour only; for in power, wealth
and extent of the country, the rajas of Beejanagar greatly exceeded them.” Who said it?
A.) Nuniz
B.) Ferishta
C.) Barbosa
D.) Abdur Razzaq

Answer: Ferishta

94. What was another experiment of Muhammad bin Tughlaq to synchronise with his transfer of capital?
A.) Introduction of ‘token currency
B.) Khorasan expedition
C.) Karachi expedition
D.) Land revenue

Answer: Introduction of ‘token currency

95. “Eating a Shudra’s food, association with a Shudra, sitting on the same seat with a Shudra and taking
from a Shudra are acts which drag down even the noblest person”. Which of the law givers held it?
A.) Gautam
B.) Narada
C.) Katyayana
D.) Parasara


96. Who translated Sanskrit stories to the Persian for the first time?
A.) Barani
B.) Zia Nakhshab
C.) Khusrau
D.) Firdausi

Answer: Zia Nakhshab

97. ………. was the city constructed by Begarha at Champaner, which also became his principal place of residence.
A.) Islamabad
B.) Mustafabad
C.) Muhammadabad
D.) Muzaffarabad

Answer: Muhammadabad

98. Akbar began his Deccan venture in
A.) 1586
B.) 1588
C.) 1590
D.) 1591

Answer: 1591

99. Who was the highest officer under the Turkish/Khilji rulers of the Delhi Sultanate?
A.) Bir Singh had aided Jahangir in the suppression of Shahjahan’s revolt
B.) Bir Singh had poisoned Jahangir
C.) Bir Singh murdered Nur Jahan
D.) Bir Singh had allied with Mahabat Khan

Answer: Bir Singh had aided Jahangir in the suppression of Shahjahan’s revolt

100. A Mughal Emperor embarked upon a policy of befriending powerful razas and zamindars. Who was he?
A.) Jahangir
B.) Humayun
C.) Aurangzeb
D.) Babur

Answer”: Humayun

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