1. Who among the following introduced the subsidiary alliance system in India ?
[A]Lord Clive
[B]Lord Wellesley
[C]Lord Cunningham
[D]Lord Canning

Answer: Lord Wellesley

2. How many round table conferences were organised by the British government to discuss constitutional reforms in India?

a) Three
b) Two
c) One
d) Four

Ans) a: Three

3. The first Individual Satyagrahi, Acharya Vinoba Bhave offered Satyagraha in which among the following way?
[A]By not paying taxes
[B]By burning British Flag
[C]By making an antiwar speech
[D]By making a speech against the Viceroy of India

Answer : By making an antiwar speech

4. Who among the following signed the Treaty of Bassein in 1802 with the British East India Company ?
[A]Baji Rao II
[B]Baji Rao I
[C]Sultan Bahadur
[D]None of the above

Answer: Baji Rao II

5. Arrange these Historical events in correct sequence beginning from the earliest.

1) Rowlatt Act
2) Simon Commission
3) Partition of Bengal
4) Morley-Minto reforms

a) 4-3-2-1
b) 4-1-2-3
c) 4-3-2-1
d) 3-4-1-2

Ans) d: 3-4-1-2

6. During British Era, the Duke Memorandum became the basis of which among the following?
[A]Nehru Report
[B]Mont-Ford Reforms
[C]Indian Councils Act 1909
[D]Government of India Act 1935

Answer: Mont-Ford Reforms

7. Which among the following was the first municipal corporation set up in India in the year 1687 ?
[A]Madras Municipal Corporation
[B]Bombay Municipal Corporation
[C]Delhi Municipal Corporation
[D]None of the above

Answer: Madras Municipal Corporation

8. Delhi Chalo is the famous quote by which one of the following Indian freedom fighters?

a) Subhas Chandra Bose
b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
c) Mahatma Gandhi
d) Madan Mohan Malviya

Ans) Subhas Chandra Bose

9. The Battle of Chillianwalla was a part of?
[A]Anglo-Maratha Wars
[B]Anglo-Carnatic Wars
[C]Anglo-French Wars
[D]Anglo-Sikh Wars

Answer: Anglo-Sikh Wars

10. Which among the following events was a major set back to Khilafat Movement?
[A]Announcements of concession to Muslims by British Government
[B]Pact signed between Indian National Congress and Muslim League
[C]Revolution in Turkey
[D]Violence in Chauri Chaura

Answer:Revolution in Turkey

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