11. The arrival of Vasco da Gama in Calicut, India on…………
a) 1398
b) 1495
c) 1496
d) 1498

Answer: 1498

12. Which among the following events took place immediately before the massacre at Jallianwalla Bagh?
[A]Partition of Bengal
[B]llbert Bill
[C]Passage of the Rowlatt Act
[D]Minto-Morley Reforms

Answer: Passage of the Rowlatt Act

13. In which year Jahangir issued the charter to East India Company for establishing the trade establishments in India?

Answer: 1617

14. Diu was the colony of the …………..
a) Portuguese
b) English
c) Dutch
d) French


15. In 1953, under whose chairmanship was the first OBC Commission formed ?
[A]Joachim Alva
[B]Kaka Kalelkar
[C]Hardekar Manjappa
[D]K. K. Shetty

Answer: Kaka Kalelkar

16. August 9 1925 is known in the Indian History for which of the following incidences?
[A]Chauri Chaura incidence
[B]Kakori Train Robbery
[C]Jallianwallah Bagh Incidence
[D]The seize of Cawnpore

Answer: Kakori Train Robbery

17. In 1612 ……………established a trading post in Gujarat.
a) British
b) French
c) Spain
d) Dutch

Answer: British

18. Which among the following books was authored by Mahatma Gandhi?
[A]Hindu View of Life
[B]Hind Swaraj
[C]Discovery of India
[D]My Truth

Answer: Hind Swaraj

19. In which year, first nationwide elections were held in Afghanistan?

Answer : 1965

20. In 1614 Sir Thomas Roe was instructed by …………… to visit the court of Jahangir, the
Mughal emperor of India.
a) James I
b) Babar
c) Shajahan
d) Humayun

Answer: James I

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