201. The resolution of Swadeshi was adopted in which session of Congress?
[A] Madras session of 1903
[B] Bombay session of 1904
[C] Benaras session of 1905
[D] Calcutta session of 1906

Answer: Calcutta session of 1906

202. President of Indian National Congress at the time of independence was___?
[A] J. B. Kripalani
[B] Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
[C] Dr. Rajendra Prasad
[D] Jawahar Lal Nehru

Answer: J. B. Kripalani

203. Who is known as Father of Indian Unrest ?
[A] Dadabhai Nauroji
[B] G. K. Gokhale
[C] Mahatma Gandhi
[D] Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Answer: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

204. The first Englishmen to preside over a Congress session was __?
[A] George Yule
[B] Dufferin
[C] W. Wedderburn
[D] None of these

Answer: George Yule

205. Which among the following organizations merged with Congress in 1886?
[A] East Indian Association
[B] Indian National Conference
[C] British Indian Association
[D] Indian League

Answer: Indian National Conference

206. The British empire is rotten to the core, corrupt in every direction and tyrannical and mean.
The above statement was made by __?
[A] Mrs. Annie Besant
[B] W. Digby
[C] Sister Nivedita
[D] William Wedderburn

Answer: Sister Nivedita

207. Which among the following was the venue of the INA trial?
[A] Calcutta High Court
[B] Supreme Court
[C] Federal Court
[D] Red Fort

Answer: Red Fort

208. Which among the following was the most revolutionary secret organization of Bengal?
[A] Abhinava Bharat
[B] Mitra Mela
[C] Ghadar Party
[D] Anushilan Samiti

Answer: Anushilan Samiti

209. The Grand Old Man of Indian politics was__?
[A] Bipin Chandra Pal
[B] Dadabhai Naoroji
[C] Surendra Nath Bannerjee
[D] Rasbehari Bose

Answer: Dadabhai Naoroji

210. Moderates and the Extremists in the Indian National Congress split in 1907 at __?
[A] Surat
[B] Calcutta
[C] Nagpur
[D] Madras

Answer: Surat

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