31. Consider the following statements in context with the Objectives Resolution :

1. This resolution declared that all princely states would be essentially in the Union of India
2. The resolution declared that all power and authority of the Sovereign Independent India is derived from the British Crown Which among the above statements hold correct?

[A]1 only
[B]2 only

Answer: none

32. Year of the Battle of Buxar is………….
a) 1764 b) 1767 c) 1784 d) 1864

Answer: 1764

33. Consider the following events of Indian National Movement.
1. Gandhi Irwin Pact
2. Poona Pact
3. Karachi Session of Indian National Congress.
4. Individual Satyagraha
Select the correct chronological order of the events from the codes given below.
Codes :
[A] 1, 3, 2, 4
[B] 2, 3, 4, 1
[C] 3, 4, 2, 1
[D] 4, 3, 2, 1

Answer: 1, 3, 2, 4

34. Warren Hastings was appointed as the Governor of …………… in 1772.
a) Bengal
b) Madras
c) Bombay
d) Delhi

Answer: Bengal

35. The Congress and Muslim League had most cordial relationships in between which among the following years?
[A] 1906 to 1916
[B] 1916 to 1922
[C] 1922 to 1928
[D] 1928 to 1934

Answer: 1916 to 1922

36. Regulating Act was in the year of……………
a) 1573
b) 1673
c) 1773
d) 1873

Answer: 1773

37. The drain theory of Dadabhai Naoroji was formally accepted in which among the sessions of the Indian National Congress?
[A] Benaras session, 1905
[B] Calcutta session, 1906
[C] Surat session, 1907
[D] None of the above

Answer: None of the above

38. Hyder Ali was the ruler of …………..
a) Hyderabad
b) Mysore
c) Cochi
d) Bengal

Answer: Mysore

39. Kumaran Asan is associated with the social renaissance in which among the following current states?
[A] Kerala
[B] Tamil Nadu
[C] Andhra Pradesh
[D] None of the above

Answer: Kerala

40. Mahe was a colony of …………..
a) English
b) French
c) Dutch
d) Germany

Answer: French

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