Some of the important opportunities in IT are offered in the following segments;


          Some of the significant options in the field of IT are offered by the big data segment. Big data has the potential to become a core part of companies’ analytical efforts and impact the policies and infrastructure of IT organisations. The crucial skills that professionals in this segment require include knowledge of Hadoop and Java, NoSQL, Linux, Python, Hive and Scala.


          HADOOP is the future of the cloud and its footprint in companies is likely increase. While it can be easier for companies to gather and analyse data with stress on business intelligence efforts, the challenge and opportunity will not be limited around collection of big data but the ability to translate it into strategic business decisions and demonstrate the right return on investments. This is where Hadoop experts will play a big role.


Mobility is rapidly becoming one of the most important battlegrounds for business innovation. Operating models are being redrawn for consumers, employees and business partners alike. Chief information officers (CIOs) need to determine whether mobile solutions are ready for the enterprise. Organisations presents a wide array of opportunities such as mobile architect and senior architects for application management, enterprise architects, mobile solution architects, mobile application publisher and application testing. Lastly, no matter the field in IT in which you pursue a career, the desire to succeed and learn is the fundamental requirement to do well in this industry.

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