Thycaud Ayya Swamikal (1814 – 20 July, 1909) (also known as Sadananda Swami) was a spiritualist and a social reformer, the first to break customs related to caste in Kerala when caste restrictions and untouchability were at its extreme.

Ayyavu Swamikal was born in 1814 in Nagalapuram in Tamil Nadu. His original name was Subbarayan. His parents were Muthukumaran and Rugmini Ammal. His father and grandfather Sri Hrishikesan were scholars and experts in yoga and spiritual sciences.

Once in a dream Goddess told him that she will appear before him at Trivandrum and he went there during the period of Swathi Tirunal Maharaja. The king came to know of his scholarship and expertise in Siva Raja Yoga and invited him to the palace and also learned many things from him. 

 During the reign of Maharaja Ayilyam Thirunal, McGregor became the Resident of Travancore. When the selection of a manager for Residency came he appointed him as the Manager of his Residency in Thycaud in 1873. As this post was one of the senior most offices that the British allowed to natives, people respectfully called him ‘Superintend Ayyavu’.

Ayyavu Swamikal visited Vaikunda Swami of Nagercoil and also the famous Maruthwamala where he sat in meditation for days. Ayyavu used to deliver lectures on Bhakti, Yoga and Vedanta in Jnanaprjagaram; where the leading literary, social and spiritual personalities in and around Trivandrum used assemble discuss and deliver lectures and discourses. He in association with Manonmaniam Sundaram Pillai, founded the Saiva Prakasa Sabha of Trivandrum.

 Ayyavu Swami attained Samadhi on 20 July 1909. A Shivalinga was installed over the Samadhi site of Ayyavu Swami in Thycaud in 1943. This temple was improved under the patronage of Sri Chithira Thirunal Maharaja the last king of Travancore. This is now known as Thycaud Siva Temple.


Ayyavu wrote several books on Bhakti, Jnana and Yoga in Sanskrit, Tamil and Malayalam. A few were later published by his disciples. The works that could be identified as his are:

  • Brahmotharakandom
  • Pazhanidaivam
  • Ramayanam Pattu
  • Utjaini Mahakali Pancharatnam
  • Thiruvarur Murukan
  • Kumara Kovil Kuravan
  • Ulloor Amarntha Guhan
  • Ramayanam Sundarkandom
  • Hanuman Paamalai
  • Ente Kasiyathra





  1.  The first social reformer in kerala ?

Answer : Thycaud Ayya


2. The original name of Thycaud Ayya was?

Answer : Subbarayan


3. Thycaud Ayya was also known as ?

Answer : Ayya Swamikal,Sivarajayogi, Superintendent Ayya


4. Who is known as Great Guru of Guru ?

Answer : Thycaud Ayya


5. Who is known as “Hadayogopadheshta” ?

Answer : Thycaud Ayya



6. . Who is known as The great teacher of Sivarajayoga ?

Answer : Thycaud Ayya Swamikal


7. The first social reformer who introduced Panthibhojanam (inter- dining) ?
Answer : Thycaud Ayya
8.  The famous slogan of Thycaud Ayya was ?
Answer : Intha ulakathile orae oru jathi than, orae oru matham than, orae oru kadavul than.



9.  The founder’s of Shaiva Prakasha Sabha ?

Answer : Thycaud Ayya and Manonmanian Sundaran Pillai.



10.  Shaiva Prakasha Sabha is situated at ?
Answer : Chalai (Thiruvananthapuram).


11. The main idol of Thycaud Ayya Swamy Temple ?

Answer : Lord Siva


12.  Name of the Annual celebration conducted in Thycaud Ayya Swamy Temple?

Answer : Guru Pooja


13. The year which Thycaud Ayya mission was formed ?

Answer : 1984 (Thiruvananthapuram)


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