There are some tips to buy a smart phone that’s right for you…


The best way to judge a smartphone’s screen is to look at it from different angles for changes in colour, and also in varying lightening conditions for visibility.

  • Invest in a full HD (1080p) display if you are buying a phablet. On the other hand HD (720p) screens work well for devices up to five inches in size.
  • On smaller devices, load a web page to see if the text is crisp, and can be read without any strain to your eyes. In any case, avoid smartphones with lesser than WVGA (800* 480px) resolution.
  • AMOLED screens are best when it comes to displaying punchy colours. LCD screens with IPS technology comes a close second, while TFT LCDs should be avoided if you can.

 2.    STORAGE

  • Generally, if a phone lists its capacity as 8 GB, only about 6.5 GB will be available to the user. So if you need 4GB, buy a phone with 8 to 16 GB.
  • More megapixels and HD video recording capabilities result in images and videos that occupy more space. Also, if you plan on watching full HD movies on your phone, ensure you have atleast 32 GB storage.
  • If possible, opt for micro SD cards of up to 64 GB so you can always add more memory when you need it.

3.    RAM

  • It’s plain and simple: more RAM is always better
  • 4.    BATTERY
  • Bigger screens, extra cores, and more sensors mean greater power consumption. If you are considering a smartphone over 4.5 to 5 inches in size, look at devices that come with atleast a 2000m Ah battery.
  • The higher the m ah , the longer the battery will last
  • If possible, select devices that come with lithium polymer batteries over lithium ion. The former are lighter, and also retain their charge for longer.

 5.    CAMERA

  • If you are looking for a high camera phone, look for phones that boast of good camera optics. Remember, a high resolution camera with a low quality pictures in high resolution.
  • Opt for camera with BSI (backside illumination) sensors for better low light photography; make sure it comes with an LED flash.
  • Good photos are a result of adequate megapixels, good lens and sensor technology, as well as high end processor chip sets.
  • For your front facing camera, one megapixel is more than adequate.

6.    SIZE

  • A phone that has a screen bigger than five inches could be slightly uncomfortable to use with one hand. Also keep in mind that big screen phones are heavy, and can be uncomfortable to carry in your pocket.
  • On the flip side, large screens allow for a better experience while watching movies, playing games and browsing the web.

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